My name is Kamil Czerwinski

My name is Kamil Czerwinski and I'm a currently UK-based graphic designer. I have began my journey within the creative industry in the year 2017 and currently I am working in graphic design professionally, while working on personal projects in the background.

I have graduated the Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Graphic Design at Solent Southampton University in 2021.

During my creative studies, I have been learning about new forms of creative approaches other than graphic design, this included illustration, motion graphics and video editing. Throughout the years I have also worked on UI design projects and game art for indie video game development.

Currently employed as a graphic designer by SCAS NHS - however, feel free to contact me through an email.

Redwin Graphics is representing me. The scope of my work is international, working both in English and Polish projects, but open for any other options within reason!

Type of work I have worked on before:
User Interface Design
Planning out a functional user interface for various end results:

  • 2D UI for Game Development
  • Website UI Design

Motion Graphics
Animated content with unique visual effects:

  • Infographics & promotional short animations

Brand design
Ideation and creation of your unique brand identity:

  • Logo and logotype design
  • Brand identity guidelines

Promotional design
Quality assets for your digital or print project:

  • Web banners, thumbnails
  • Promotional graphics
  • Posters and leaflets
  • Booklets

A more artistic approach for any type project:

  • Album covers
  • Illustrations
  • Simple, animated illustration
Portrait image
This website is a home to my private and commissioned work. Feel free to preview my works and progress.